You have peace when you make it with yourself.

You have me in your pocket with stars and flowers
dwindling in between my fingers.
I breathe in the little things that comprises the lone
starburst in your deepest secrets.
I am the penny that you always forget that you have
in the small compartment where I
found more than one too many reasons to love you.

You have me in your favorite book — in between the
pages that you never considered
to bother reading again. I’m the word that appeared
only once throughout its beauty and
you never seemed to notice how I cry once you bid
me good bye wrapped with a shrug.
I am the hundreds of folds and creases in the pages.

You have me in your favorite blend of bitterness and
warmth in a white cup of black coffee.
The sweetness you never noticed until you finished
brushing your teeth while a peculiar
taste seem to invade your taste buds with incessant
pleas for you to name her soul. I am
the coffee you spilled when you were hurrying to leave.

You have me in your sky every night and every season.
The start that strayed way too far
from the constellations that you know the name by heart.
And while I look at them and back
at you, I am reminded that I will always be the star that
you never looked at and the one
that continues to wish to disappear and be with the moon.

— But you’re still not mine to have. (via mediwriter)

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It’s all messy:
The hair.
The bed.
The words.
The heart.

— William Leal.   (via retratou)

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You just like the idea of me. You like the person I present myself under circumstances that I can control.

I choose what I say and how I say things. It’s like being attracted to a fictional character in a book. They are scripted and made up. If you think about it, through writings, we all script and make ourselves up. I don’t share the person I become when I am upset. I don’t show you how I look like when I sleep. I don’t tell you about all the times I’ve made someone cry. All the guilty things I’ve done and the bad thoughts I’ve had.

— Han (via heightened)

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